Share Your Story! Open History Projects helps you to share your stories with people across the globe. Make local knowledge and experiences available to an international community! Accepted stories are published and translated into up to 42 languages.

source link Wether you have lived through relevant historical events on national or regional level or have witnessed current political and social trends in your area – make you story available to others, share concerns and create awareness.

click Let’s build a world where empathy doesn’t stop at political or geographical borders!

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source site Everyone with personal experiences related to topics that Open History Project covers is invited to contribute.

my chances having multiples clomid twins Who knows your concerns better than you do? If we wait until our story is written by others, it will be too late to have a voice.

buy vegetal vigra Open History Project stories focus on firsthand knowledge and are relevant to at least one of three themes:
  • Giving value to elders – interviews that preserve the views and experiences of older generations
  • Increasing consciousness of other cultures – promoting empathy across borders and encouraging diversity of views
  • Providing access to local knowledge – discovering the past of a village, town or city from the view of an individual who lived it


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